Understanding your visitor markets

Connecting with the marketplace is crucial. After all, a destination brand is what consumers think of you, not what you think of yourself. GDS believes that the brand, the message and the lure all have to resonate with the consumer. Our research and our recommendations ultimately focus on the marketplace. We include the following research:

1. Mapping of the destination's geographical markets for:

  • Local residents
  • Day trippers
  • Overnight stays

2. Market Data

  • Demographics
  • Socio-economic Profiling (Claritas' PRISM NE™ or ESRI's Tapestry™)
  • Spending by retail category/by socio-economic segment
  • Travel times and distances

3. Profiling of the selected brand's market. Identifying the specific consumer characteristics for the unique brand. E.g. specific sports participants, performing arts enthusiasts, etc

4. Market testing of potential logos and slogans. Does your brand logo and slogan resonate with the consumer in your marketplace? We test potential logos and slogans with our brand panel that includes:

  • Experienced Travelers
  • Travel Industry Experts
  • Local stakeholders

We firmly believe that your brand needs to be rooted in research - research about your destination, your competition, your products, and your market. Without the information gathered from this research the branding effort has nothing to support its direction. At GDS we work with you to discover and develop a brand direction that is based on a solid framework of information and speaks directly to your markets.