GDS offers entertaining and informative multi-media presentations that provide valuable insights into the concepts, principles, and best practices of destination branding, development and marketing. We can tailor a presentation to the specific needs of your group.

Tourism Destination Series

"The Role of Municipalities in Tourism Development"
This workshop outlines how great destinations are created, the distinctive roles of the private sector and the municipality, how to organize for creating a downtown that attracts locals and visitors and how to attract investors and retailers through municipal policies. Q&A, handouts.

"Tourism in Small Towns: Success Stories"
This workshop takes the mystery out of how small towns successfully develop tourism by using actual case studies of towns that have transformed their economies from depressed to revitalized through tourism.

"Successful Downtown Development from the Visitor Perspective"
This workshop reveals how visitors make their first impressions on small towns, what to look for that is holding back your town, and low cost actions you can take right now to attract more visitor spending in your town. Q&A, handouts

"Tourism Marketing in the New Economy"
A fast-paced and stimulating workshop where participants will take away fresh solutions that can be implemented immediately in today's rapidly changing marketing environment.

Cruise Tourism Series

"Educate and Engage Your Community in Cruise Development"
3 hours of Tips, Case Studies and Instruction on how to bring your community together to develop an outstanding cruise port. Entertaining presentation and hands on participation.

"Upgrade Your Retail Downtown to Maximize Cruise Spending"
Preceded by a full-day assessment of your downtown by GDS. Presents the "cruise visitor point of view" and low cost ways to improve the visitor experience and visitor spending. Media presentation and Q & A.

"Create Outstanding Shore Excursions"
4 hours on what cruise line executives look for in revenue-producing shore excursions, building and marketing popular shore excursions, and operating a profitable shore excursion business. Entertaining presentation and hands on participation.

"Market Your Cruise Destination on a Small Budget"
Get the tools you need to market in today's economy. This 4-hour workshop covers how to create your unique destination identity, how to get on the cruise lines' itinerary. How to create consumer demand for your destination, specific strategies, low cost tactics, and much more.

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Workshops for Cruise Ports (pdf)