Community brands show how residents see themselves - today or in the future.


Community branding efforts can be about reflecting what is or about developing what you want to be.

One approach to community branding is to articulate the current characteristics of the place, to make these characteristics resonate as true, and to make them well known.

Another considers developing what you want to be. This second approach requires a vision, and perhaps new development that supports that vision.

Communities may already have something worthwhile for their target audiences (residents, investors and tourists), while others will feel that they need to develop what their target audiences want.

GDS helps communities achieve both objectives - giving pride to residents, and bringing in outside investment and spending. We engage community residents in formal and informal ways, soliciting their opinions, visions and dreams for their community. We use proprietary techniques to measure the strength and importance of community attributes and apply these metrics to help define enduring brands grow over time.