Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana
Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana was heavily affected by the 2010 BP Gulf Oil Spill, resulting in a damaged image of the region and a decrease in visitors. After spending time in the region and conducting a variety of research and analysis, we discovered the essence of the area lies in its extensive system of waterways and bayous, one of America’s most productive wetlands areas. This geographic feature has shaped everything about the area, from its cultures and lifestyle to its recreational opportunities. We defined this essence as “Louisiana’s Bayou Country,” which became the area’s tagline. We are also developing a Parish-wide wayfinding signage system to assist residents and visitors with finding their way around the Parish

Chautauqua County, New York
This picturesque county in western New York was the focus of a branding and marketing effort working under contract.  The Chautauqua Institution, located in the heart of the county is a unique community that offers learning workshops, which has become the cornerstone of the county's brand, "The World's Learning Center." 

Coos County, New Hampshire
This northernmost New Hampshire region is home to the White Mountains and three fabulous "Grand Resorts."  Worked on the development of the brand for the region, "Grand Resorts, Grand Adventures" under contract.